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Parent Coaching

Relationship Strengthening

As parents, you don’t receive a parenting manual and each child or situation that you face can be unique or challenging in its own way. It can be difficult to overcome patterns that no longer work in the family or communicate effectively during stressful times or life transitions.  Or you get glimpses of how you can address challenges, but have a hard time implementing it consistently. I work with you to create solutions that fit your family’s unique needs and provide support and techniques to help improve day to day interactions, communication and to help the family work together to overcome stress and face challenges as a team. 

The aim is having a child who is thriving, and a relationship with you that is in alignment and feels good to you both. No one can offer your child what she/he needs as well as you can. And I can help you provide what is needed. Nothing is more rewarding to me than witnessing a thriving parent child relationship. You hold the key, I will help you find the door.

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